2020 sees the addition of Yoga to our mind body practices here at CCP. We are now proud to offer Beginner-Intermediate Hatha Yoga with Janine and Slow Flow Yoga with Julie. We also offer Private Yoga Sessions with Janine for those that want to further deepen their practice.

Beginner-Intermediate Hatha Yoga

This class is for those new to yoga, for those familiar with basic yoga asanas (postures) and especially for those wanting to maintain health and flexibility in the second half of life.  We will explore the basic yoga postures developing a secure foundation, proper alignment and breathing that creates space in the body to increase prana (life force) flow in each pose. The benefits are lifelong and endless – you will develop poise, confidence, proper alignment to prevent illness later in life, strength, flexibility, concentration, stability, balance, calm and focus, to name a few!  A great way to start your week by renewing and refreshing our energies with a mindful practice.

Slow Flow Yoga

The instructor will take you through a Vinyasa style flow that gently warms the body up and connects breath with movement to get you out of your head and into your body. Gradually increasing in speed and intensity with modifications to make the practice your own. This class is meant to energize your body while increasing strength and flexibility.