At Crescent City Pilates we are committed to improving your well being. With our Private Equipment Pilates sessions, our teachers provide tailored sessions to suit your individualized needs. Whether you are new to Pilates or a seasoned pro, private sessions are a great way to deepen your practice.

Unless approved by an instructor, we suggest starting with our introductory private session package.  Allow us get to know you and what you wish to achieve through Pilates. We will teach you the tools you need to make lasting growth and change within your body.

Privates Sessions: For those that are just beginning, prefer the one on one attention of an instructor or want to fine tune their Pilates practice.  

Introductory Package: A special offer for those who are just starting out at Crescent City Pilates.  We begin your visit with a postural/movement assessment to design a program to meet your needs and goals. 

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Pricing for Private Instruction

Introductory Package for New Clients

(3) 50-min Private Equipment Pilates Sessions – $195

50-Minute Private Equipment Pilates

Single Session – $80

5-Session Package – $375

10-Session Package – $700

80-Minute Private Equipment Pilates

Single Session – $95 

5-Session Package – $460

10-Session Package – $900

Pricing for Semi-Privates (Duet)

Semi-Privates: More affordable yet still intimate instruction. A Private Session that is built around you and a compatible partner. Prices are per person.  

50-min Single Duet Session – $55

5-Duet Session Package – $245

10-Duet Session Package – $450  

Pricing for Semi-Privates (Trio)

Trio: Our most affordable yet intimate instruction. A Private that is built around you and two compatible partners. Prices are per person.

50-min Single Trio Session –  $45

5-Trio Session Package – $195

10-Trio Session Package – $ 350