At Crescent City Pilates we strive to provide a premiere atmosphere to achieve mind-body balance through movement and awareness in order to uplift and empower our community to live healthy lives inside and outside the studio.


Crescent City Pilates’ goal is to teach our clients tools to help them towards maintaining an inspired and balanced life.

Core Values

Crescent City Pilates believes in a community that is empowered and transformed through the love of movement.  

We believe the form of the body determines the functional outcome; when there is proper form, natural function and integrity are established. Crescent City Pilates believes in creating a team environment that is supportive, communicative, and respectful.  

We seek innovative ways to improve and expand our practice, while holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence. Crescent City Pilates offers a community where everyone is welcome. We are present, supportive, kind, and adaptable in every situation. Our number one priority is to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Above all, Crescent City Pilates believes that investing in the lives of others is the greatest gift we can offer to our community. We do this by providing a safe environment for healing, strengthening, empowering and educating individuals through movement and holistic health practices.